Product Care

Of course you should always treat your Amazing jewelry with care and love.


Our jewelry is made of 925 / - Sterling silver and much of our collection is gilded in 18kt yellow or rose gold. Most of the processed stones are Cubic Zirconia. They almost look like diamonds, but they are not as hard as diamonds. That's why they need more care and attention than diamonds.


All our jewelry, and especially our rings, should never be exposed to excessive stress.


So that your Amazing jewelry pieces look so beautiful for as long as possible you should follow the following care instructions:


Always take off the jewelry before gardening, sports, swimming (salt and chlorine water) and similar activities.


Even before taking a shower and going to bed, you should always take off your jewelry.


To keep your jewelry as long as possible, use hair spray and perfume always before you put on your jewelry. This is especially important for jewelry with pearls, mother of pearl and when a gilding was applied.

If you want to care for your jewelry, we recommend you clean it with a soft cloth, warm water and mild soap.

Jewelry with cubic zirconia should only be rinsed with warm water and cleaned with a soft cloth.

Never use paper towels for cleaning.

Your jewelry should always be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.